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History Edit

First Fredbear's Edit

First Fredbear's Family Diner opens and becomes very popular in it's local country.

Murder Case No.1 Edit

First murder occurs and Fredbear's shuts down

First Fazbear's Edit

New pizzeria restaurant based on Fredbear's opens.New animatronics are released with facial recognition software.

Shutdown Edit

4 more murders occur which causes it to shutdown. Edit

Fazbear's Fright Edit

New horror attraction opens with very scary props.

Fire Edit

Burns down because of faulty wiring.

Fredbear's Reopening Edit

Fredbear's reopens with three animatronics: Frika,Spring Bonnie(Springtrap),Fredbear(Golden Freddy)

Animatronics: Edit

[1]Frika,Fredbear,Spring Bonnie

Map Edit



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