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Chapter 1: The Text


Violet: (yawns) What the heck! Who texts this late? It's 1:00 AM! Whatever, I'll just read it...(yawns)

The Text

Home wanted for former pizzeria mascot. Must include:

  • TONS of food
  • Clean drinking water
  • Good friends
  • My own BIG room

If you know a place with those qualities, text me back!

Violet: (yawns) Are you kidding me? I don't even know this guy. He could be anyone. He could even be that fat-face Frisky! (yawns)

Pico: (yawns) Wait, what the heck?

Violet: LOOK!

Pico: (yawns) (reads the text) Hey, I have a ton of BBQ Chex Mix, there's a water fountain in Gobo's-

Violet: He-could-be-ANYONE! Don't get any ideas!

Gobo: (yawns) Wait, WHAT?

Violet and Pico: LOOK!

Gobo: (yawns) (reads the text) Alright! Let's do it! (starts typing)

Violet: NO!

Text #2

We know of a place exactly like the one you are looking for. Please go to Violet's Coding Center at 1:01 PM (Washington DC Time). The address is 102 Earth Road. Meet you there!

Violet: (reads the text) It's not my fault if we're DEAD by 1:03 PM!

Tic: (yawns) Guys, get back to sleep. It's 1:04 AM!

Chapter 2: Eli's Story "N" Stuff

It's 1:00 PM.

Violet: Everyone! Hide!

Gobo: Stop your panicking! It's just a homeless guy!

Violet: That could be that butt-face Frisky playing a prank!

Pico: A new guy would not be that much trouble.

Violet: YOU ALL ARE IDIOTS! (runs into the bathroom and slams the door)

The door opens.

Eli: Is this the right place?

Gobo: Yes it is! Come in! Violet, our master, will be here by 1:01!

Eli: Violet? Is she a purple cat?

Pico: Yep!

Eli: With a pink and yellow bow tie?

Pico: Yes indeed!

Eli: With blue eyes and a pink belly?

Pico: That's our Violet!

Violet: (opens the door) Wait, is that Eli?

Eli: Um...yeah.

Violet: What are you doing here? Don't you belong in Freddy FazBear's Pizza? IS THIS SOME KIND OF STUPID JOKE?

Eli: Well, you see, they moved Freddy FazBear's Pizza. They took Penny, but not me.

Violet: (mutters) Penny gets all the luck.

Eli: I was trapped in this enclosed building, with nothing at all. But then I found some guns with a dead body.


Eli: I picked up a gun, and shot until about 1:02 AM, when I made a hole big enough to squeeze through. I found this iPod, lying in the road. I picked it up. It looked run over, but it still worked. I texted some random people for help, and you were the first to reply. And Violet, you replied so nicely! I wanted to come right at 1:03 AM, which was the exact time then!

Gobo: Actually, I did it.

Eli: Well then, what's your name?

Gobo: Gobo.

Eli: In the morning, I ran and ran as fast as I could, hoping I could get here by 1:04 PM. Turns out, I got here 4 minutes early! And now I'm sitting here, telling a story. The E-OH LOOK A TIC TAC!

Tic: Actually, I'm a coder.

Eli: Oh. Sorry. By the way, I'm gonna take a-

Violet: Do you really think we should leave him laying on the floor?

Gobo: Don't wake him up.

Chapter 3: The Guard

It is 1:00 AM.

Violet: The guard could be here any second. Go with Tera!

Tera: Come on into this mess of a room and hide.

Eli: OK. (falls asleep on a broken slide)

Night Guard: This looks easy. Just check the cameras, check the doors...this is the life. (slurps soda)

Night Guard: (sees Violet cheerfully waving) Oh hey cat! Who's snoring over there!

Tera: (whispers) Eli, wake up!

Eli: (yawns) Why?

Night Guard: (opens the door)(pets Eli) Oh look, a hamster and-OH! I remember you! You're Tera!

Tera gets some old nails and tries to pin the guard to the wall

Tera: Never try to hurt Eli again!

Night Guard: But-but-but-let me go-find Cora for me.

Tera: Cora? (lets the guard go) (starts crying)

Eli: Tera? You ok?

Tera: (crying) I miss Cora.

Eli: Who's Cora?

Tera: (singing and crying) Cora was my best friend a long, long time ago, She was always in the next room, I never was alone. Oh, the good times we had, until Cora was blamed, for drawing inappropriate pictures, and she was hauled off. Oh, how I miss Cora, my first and best friend, even though we're not together, our friendship lasts forever. When we were together.

Eli: (crying) Nice singing voice.

Tera: Thanks.

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