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"I can do more then disable doors." -His way of threatening people.


Nibbles is a Foxy plush wearing a Nehru jacket. He also does not have a hook, and has black strings like the Puppet's (they do not appear on him at night).



At day, he rarely speaks, so it's hard to tell what he's thinking. But everybody presumes that he's happy, because as a plushie, he has a permanent smile.


At night, he becomes relentless and annoying, never leaving the night guard alone.

Movement Pattern

On Night 1 at 12 AM, he becomes active. He starts in Pirate's Cove, where he sneaks out to the show stage and hides behind Freddy. He then precedes to go towards you the 'Chica Route'. Sometimes, however, he goes thru the Dining Room to the Kitchen to hide.

Special Abilities

  • Can disable Doors
  • Can disable Cameras/Monitor
  • Can cause (temporary) Blackouts
  • Harder to see in the doorway


Phantom Nibbles

Phantom Nibbles is a hallucination of the burnt plushie. He can disable the monitors and cause audio errors.

Golden Freddy Twitch Animation

Sometimes during his 'twitch animation', his face will temporarily turn into Golden Freddy's face, with the words 'it's me' inside his mouth. This will only happen for a few seconds though, and is extremely rare.


  • As a joke, the creator states that he and Plushtrap had made-out on multiple occasions.
  • Nibbles was originally going to be called 'Nehru' based on his Nehru jacket.
  • This was changed when Bunny1002 forgot his name.
  • He is a part of a band called 'Plushie Line-Up'.
  • This band includes the following:
  • Chica Jr. (Chica Plushie)
  • Fonzai (Freddy Plushie)
  • Berry (Bonnie Plushie)
  • Toy Berry (Toy Bonnie Plushie)
  • Sometimes, Nibbles will show his endoskeleton-eyes, despite not having an endoskeleton.

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