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"You know, I just remembered something...they just shipped in a new animatronic named "Endon". But for some reason, we all call him "Night-Trap". Just a nickname for him. Anyways, your gonna have to figure his pattern yourself. Good night."-The phone guy talking about Endon on Night 3 in Five Nights at Freddy's 5 (Aidan's Ver.).


Night-Trap starts in a room next to the backroom, called "Endon's Room". He then goes straight forward towards the Office, hiding on the ceiling or in the Supply Closet or East Hall Corner. Sometimes, however, he walks through the Dining Room to hide in the Kitchen.


He looks like The Puppet, but instead of buttons, it's puff-balls, and he has a red bowtie. He does not have tears or lips, and has a "animal nose" and Springtrap-like bunny ears. He also has a bunny-tail, this time the colors matching his body.


DIAMOND COVE CREW: He's friends with their singer, Stella.

Freddy: "Freddy? Freddy did you eat the cupcake? FREDDY DID YOU EAT THE CUPCKAE? FREDDY DID YOU EAT THE CUPCAKE?!?!?! He ate the cupcake."

Black Cupcake: Their buddies, like Chica and her Cupcake.

Nights He's On

  • Night 3 (first night)
  • Night 4
  • Night 5
  • Night 6 (optional)
  • Night 7

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