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Night Watch at Attractions is a game by Nat García. It has one night.

Mechanics Edit

  • Monitor: Used to check cameras, there are 5 cameras.
  • Smoke machine: Only used in the Monitor, used to ward off enemies and lasts 5 seconds.
  • Clock: Used to check the time.

Enemies Edit

  • Death Ghost: The main enemy, he is a dark blue ghost with white eyes. He starts in cam 3 and moves to cam 4, cam 5 and then to cam 2 before entering the office.
  • The Cutsmare: The secondary enemy, he is a robot with a block for a head, that block haves the faces of the animatronics from FNaTL. The rest of his body haves a few rips and tears on it and it haves different fractions of red, green, purple and yellow colors. He starts in Cam 5 and then goes to cam 1 and cam 3 before entering the office.
  • Night Crawler: She is a spider with red eyes, she randomly teleports to the office.

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