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Character Bio Edit

This is Bracer at his full rage. He is deadly and powerful

Screenshot 2015-07-14-08-43-10-1

Appearance Edit

Nightmare Bracer has 10 arms with extremely sharp claws. He has a black and red eye. He has bloodied spikes on his shoulders. Before, Bracer was the size of a door, Nightmare Bracer is the size of a 2 story house!

Personality Edit

He only has one goal, eliminate the malevolent threat, whatever it takes to protect himself or his friends. He is not to be engaged in combat, as he can't feel pain, those who dealt with Nightmare Bracer got heavily damaged and needed 5 days to be put back together, but they are lucky, one hard swipe from one of his claws can kill instantly. But Nightmare Bracer still haves Bracer's kind personality.

Abilities Edit

Extreme Strength- He is strong enough to lift a large piece of concrete or rip a animatronic apart.

Sharp Claws- His claws are sharp enough to rip through even the toughest metal.

Hard Metal- His metal is strong enough, he is bulletproof and can't feel pain.

Trivia Edit

Bracer uses this as a last resort.

He is extremely deadly, Beware!

People who face against Nightmare Bracer have a 50% of survival.

This is why it is EXTREMELY not recommended for Bracer to turn into this form.

Weaknesses Nightmare Bracer has is to hit his red eye. It will stun him for a while or hit the button under his hat, it will scramble his sight and radar for 5 minutes.

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