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Conor with Peasants bowing

The Nightmare Kingdom is... a kingdom, with nightmares in it. The kingdom is religious, yet this is simply a grab for power after the death of King Nightmare


King Nightmare

King Nightmare was a just ruler, but



when he was killed by the Head Regent, Conor, Conor took over


Conor was the Head Regent of the King Nightmare, but killed him with an animatronic snake, that had venom. Now, Conor rules using King Nightmare's son as a puppet.

Prince Nightmare Fredbear

Prince N. Fredbear is the weak willed son of King Nightmare. He is the false leader of the kingdom. He is controlled by Conor, because Conor can kill him quickly

Prince Nightmare Freddy

Prince N. Freddy is the younger brother of N. Fredbear, and knows there is something weird about Conor. he is engaged to Maiden Nightmare Chica

Maiden Nightmare Chica

Maiden Nightmare Chica is engaged to Prince N. Freddy, and she is the younger sister of Sir N. Bonnie

Sir Nightmare Bonnie

Sir N. Bonnie is the older brother of N. Chica, and the head knight. He is currently training Squire N. Foxy

Squire Nightmare Foxy

Squire N. Foxy is the sadistic squire of Sir N. Bonnie, and is an orphan. It is unknown who his parents are.

The Brother

The Brother is a murderer, hired by Conor to kill the King. Brother is in prison, and wears a Foxy Mask, and a sleeveless grey tunic.


To the east of the EoS, and northeast to the other kingdoms


Once upon a time, An animatronic named Shadow Freddy came with alternate versions of Chica, Freddy, Bonnie, And Foxy. They went to an open area, and Shadow Freddy, Using a powerful Tome, turned them into Nightmare Animatronics. They created a Kingdom, and S. Freddy, Now King Nightmare, was a good ruler to his people, avoiding war. A young child animtronic, who was a wolf named Conor, was caught in the Nightmare Tomes power, Transforming him into the Conor we know today. Conor proved his worth, and became the Head Regent to King Nightmares court. Conor also became the religious leader, and then, blinded by power and his ego, He sent "The Brother" to kill King Nightmare. After the murder, Brother was caught and sent to prison for life, with only a tattered grey tunic, dark linen shorts, and a Foxy Mask to accompany him. The kings son became the ruler, but was a puppet king to Conor

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