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Nightmare Snowstruc

Bloddy nightstruck


Nightmare bonnie

It could be there...

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Looking for the last 3 versions Snowstruck Destruction Toy Snowstruck Phantom Snowstruck Nightmare Snowstruck is a nightmare version of Snowstruck Destruction


The animatronics found out everything and got mad at snowstruck. They threw her at the ground and unstitched her scar. Blood was coming down from her neck (cuz of the kid that was stuffed in her suit) and her scar became very bloody. Snowstruck had no coice but to kill the night guard, Or else the animatronics will get rid of her (except foxy of course). She doesn't do any thing to protects you And she jumpscares you by swinging down from the ceiling and choking you.


  • Nightmare Snowstruck is the only version of snowstruck that kills you.
  • Even though she doesn't kill the night guard Foxy still loves her Evil or Not
  • Snowstruck's jumpscare in fnaf4 is similar to mangle's and old bonnies because Mangle and Nightstruckboth come from the ceiling and Old bonnie and Nightstruck choke/strangle you.

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