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Nightmare Springtrap is a fanimatronic and a animatronic lots of people wanted to see in the FNAF4 halloween update. He is one of the four nightmare fanimatronics made by user NightmareSpringtrap he is based on Springtrap from FNAF3


Out of all the nightmare animatronics Nightmare Springtrap seems to be the most damaged he is slighty the same color as Nightmare Fredbear but much more dirty and greenish. He is also a lot thinner than Nightmare Fredbear, like Nightmare Foxy the bottom of Nightmare Springtrap's endoskeleton feet are shown. He sports a purple bow and has teeth on his stomach like Nightmare Fredbear.


Nightmare Springtrap is a animatronic which can only be unlocked in the extras menu by pressing the words SPRINGTRAP into the keyboard while on the extras menu. This will trigger a new animatronic after Nightmare on the extras menu there is a tick box on that if on it replaces Nightmare Fredbear

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