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It was the summer, my Grandma had to come over to stay, she couldn't live by herself any more and we couldn't afford to send to an old folks home. She couldn't stay here, I had to get a job. I searched the newspaper and luckily I found something, It said I could work at 'Freddy Fazbears Pizza' as a night watchman, and I would get £120 a week, it might take a while but its worth it. I went to work on the first day the guy on the phone said something about the animatronics moving around at night, I took nothing of it. I noticed the rabbit was moving around a bit but again I took nothing of it. So I actually found it quite fun, I looked forward going back the next day. And yes I went back the next day and it was a lot less fun... I was looking at the cameras and I checked cam 2B when I put the camera down... it was sitting there, lifeless it was an empty suit I assumed it came from the back, and I wasn't sure I kept on tell myself, "Its been here the whole time" and "Its just a prank" but I was wrong, it stood up and it looked me in the eyes, it screamed and I fell on the floor.....dead, I'm not sure what it done, or how it killed me, it dragged me away, right now I'm perfoming in front of kids.....inside a Freddy Fazbear costume, the police sometimes come here and look for me, I try screaming "Its Me!" I shout and they can't hear.....It hurts.

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