"was it me?"
―nightmare rexy
Nightmare rexy is the nightmare version of rexy. He looks more of an actual Tyrannosaurus than a humanoid animatronic. He has tremendous amounts of ripped holes throughout his body and head (like the rest of the animatronics) and has sharp fingers and feet. He has 2 sets of sharp teeth in his mouth, and a very long tounge that is able to be stretched and pulled back into size. Despite being a T-rex, he has 3 fingers on each hand.

He was originally going to be made for fazbear's fright, untill they realized he was too scary, and they decided to make him part of the nightmare animatronics. As a result, he was able to become friends with them.


His behavior will be added when FNAF4 comes out.


  • Since he's a T-rex with 3 fingers, he may secretly be an indominus rex, as they have DNA of the T-rex.
  • He is the biggest animatronic ever made, as rexy's height is under his chin.
  • Like the normal rexy, he does a stomp whenever he moves, but only it's a bit louder.
  • As creepy as nightmare freddy and his friends are, some people call N. rexy the scariest animatronic of the nightmares, as he has tremendous size, and a long tounge.
  • There is a rumor that there might be actual T-rex skeleton fossils inside him, as he looks realistic to his species.

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