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Ninja Nobi

Ninja Nobi

Ninja Nobi is a shinobi for hire and Xenon's brother who lurks around Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He appears as a brown fox, wearing red robes and black sleeves and pants.


Little is known, but from what he says, he was a shinobi animatronic at an old restaurant, but he was scrapped. He searches for a mysterious being that lives in "An animatronic restaurant" and his human friend he lost when he was scrapped.


Ninja Nobi moves swiftly and silently, but close the door on him and he resets. He is active on Night 6 and 20/20/20/20 mode.


He is very distant, but he is nice enough if you talk to him.

Special Relations

Xenon: He is the only one he opens up to.

Lindsay: He seems to want to teach her how to be a shinobi.


-He was inspired from the game Shinobi, in terms of clothing.

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