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"You have reached Parts and Services."
The following page is currently under construction. That means some things featured may not be final and will be edited in future. This could also mean you can request ideas in the comments or edit the page if allowed. However, it's best to ask to edit the page, or check if the page has a "public" template.


In a small town, a relatively unknown couple, middle-class, decided to have a child. Meaning, intercourse soon followed, and the female of the couple was informed that she was indeed pregnant. The couple got excited, and not so long after, various goods which would be ideal for raising a baby was purchased- a bottle, a pacifier, et cetera. They waited, and waited, and exactly nine months and eleven days after the intercourse, the mother felt a pain in her lower-region of her body, and so, the father quickly drove her to the hospital. Upon arriving in a delivery room, a few screams, teared, and encouragements, a male child was born. The mother was very happy, and she held the baby. The father decided to take a look, and examined this baby very closely. A look of disgust came to his face, as he looked the mother straight in the eye, he said, "7.8/10". ..He then promptly threw the baby out of the nearest window. Needless to say, he was quickly arrested. Police did not bother to search for the baby, he was most likely dead by now. But, of course, they were wrong.

The offspring of the two lovers sat in the lone woods for quite a few years. He was able to come to the conclusion that by eating the yellow fruit of the green trees would be beneficial, as when he popped a lemon into his mouth when one fell from a tree, he felt hydrated, rejuvenated, nourished. Meaning, for the next six years of his life... he sat naked in a dark woods, eating lemons. He did have a tiny bit of education though. He had thought himself to walk.. and that's about it. The endless process of waking up, eating a lemon, going to sleep, waking up, eating a lemon, soon became much more excited by one fateful day, he was attacked by a brown bear. While the bear did not show true affection for the child, by the intense fight which had occurred between it and the child, the child learned how to fight, and by extension, begin getting some protein, building muscle. So, the routine each day was now, waking up, fighting a bear, eating a lemon, going to sleep..

By now, the child was twelve. He had all the basic skills of a regular human child with love and shelter from kind parents.. besides a basic, sixth grade level education. This would some come to an end however, once and explorer would rescue the child, directing them to a foster home. Luckily, the foster home was not abusive and understood the child was isolated from the rest of society for twelve years. They also gave him a name, something the child had not known existed for twelve years.... Noir Munroe. Of course, "Munroe" was not the last name of the couple which had exiled him. Here in this foster home which, a few years later he would call the golden ages, he became fluent in the English language. Once he had acquired a basic education, Noir was sent to a public school, where his education was continued. Eventually, he decided that he would leave the foster home, and live on his own. 

The foster home left Noir with a few hundred dollars to begin his life, which he used to purchase a simple one bedroom apartment, for the time being. Four hundred dollars would not be enough to continue paying for food and rent though, so he found an advertisement in the newspaper, for a family-friendly establishment with an animatronic bear. He worked at this establishment for a few weeks, and, despite the minuscule pay, he was able to feed himself, and pay his rent. He went to a bar one day, in which he met a simple young woman, who he would go on to love, and marry. Noir and this woman also had a child.. since Noir was the male, the child inherited Noir's last name. The new-born baby was a simple male known as... Xavier Munroe. This child would inherit Noir's strength, in which he used to fight, vicious, brown bears. Of course, Xavier had strength, but he did not know how to fight. And so, when he was of age, his father taught him how to do so. Defensive stances, wielding a weapon, etcetera. During Xavier's training sessions: his father told him one thing, Only use your skills for self-defense, Xavier! 

Generic life followed, Xavier went to a public school, and eventually, at age twenty-four, Xavier decided to live on his own. As Xavier packed his things, a teary hug, and as Xavier prepared to leave the home for good, Noir reminded him of what he had said a few years ago. Only use your skills for self-defense, Xavier! One final hug, and so, Xavier left his father's residence. Xavier then went on to directly disobey his father and become an assassin, getting money from killing people with a bow and a dagger. Noir was notified about Xavier's new job when he saw an advertisement in the newspaper, discussing an amazing assassin, named Xavier Munroe, willing to kill people for money. Noir was at a loss for words, and never brought up the subject of Xavier in a conversation with his wife ever again.

After two years of the two words, "Xavier Munroe", never being stated in Noir's residence ever again, Noir decided to give Xavier a call, perhaps Noir could convince him whatever he is doing is wrong. So, Noir did just that. What did he hear on the cellular device? "Hey, dad! Guess what, I'm being married to this animatronic cat, cool huh? Also, I just killed another guy today, he was annoying Jenny, my soon to be wife! Sorry I can't talk to you that much, gotta go, in a big fight right now! Anyway, c'ya!" Noir's jaw dropped upon hearing what was transmitted from the phone. Noir punched himself once, to make sure he was in the real world. He balled his hands into a fist, and punched himself hard. Nothing happened, other then a slight pain.. There.. was only one solution now, Xavier could not be saved. Noir put on pitch black clothing, a mask, a black bag, which contained multiple bottles of water. Noir said farewell to his wife, and using the skills he had to utilize in those woods, so long ago, he walked under the autumn sky. 

It is time for my own mission, Noir thought to himself... To kill Xavier Munroe.


When Noir decided to devote a good portion of his life to finding and executing his son, Noir equipped very dark attire, to hide in the shadows, to silently murder all of Xavier's accomplices. Noir's entire head is covered by a large, pitch-black leather mask, equipped with glasses which can be modified to glow in the dark to see where he is going without revealing his location easily with a flashlight. Noir's hands and feet are covered with black leather gloves, and black leather boots respectively. Noir, as it would take quite some time before he executes his son once and for all, requires a black backpack, containing various goods essential for survival: a bottle of water and a few protein bars. Noir's weapon of choice is not a knife nor a gun, but rather, a very thick, black rope. This rope is thrown around an enemies neck to the grab them and then promptly beat the ever-loving daylights out of them. A gun or a knife would attract people to Noir, and knowing Noir wishes to remain undetected, a gun would make to much noise, and various sounds of blood squirting would be audible.

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