A story where every animatronic will have their POV of the events going on at Freddy's, its to make up an interesting story I think, this takes place in FNAF2, although in this FNAF2 is not a prequel in the story, and a sequel to FNAF1 in the story.. I got the idea of POV's when I saw "(Toy) Bonnie and Chica - A Story of You-know-what", as soon as i saw "Bonnie's POV" I had to make some sort of roleplay using that.

I will try to also include as many references to other storys as possible, which is kinda good :3

Chapter 1

Withered Freddy's POV

I've been sitting in the parts/service for a while, waiting for the night to come.. some kid randomly got into the room and started tearing my ear off, but security caught him, nothing has really happened today, though.. I heard that every one of us including me and my friends might be getting our own personal rooms, that only we can access through some sort of secret code.. maybe it could be a room for my alone time.. I think they also allowed you to bring others in if you wanted to.. but I don't understand why the staff cares about us, we are friggin scrapped... I've also heard rumbling outside the door randomly at night.. oh well, not much to say, I'm pretty sure we will get our revenge on the toy's soon..

Oh, I also forgot to say.. we have a plan to get revenge on the toys, and Bonnie is gonna attack Toy Bonnie first, he should be going soon actually.

Withered Bonnie's POV

It's kinda lonely here, although I did see a kid hit Freddy or something.. I'm kinda just sitting here, waiting for the right time to strike.. you know what, since its almost night, and every kid has left, but the security is still here, why not try to quietly attack him..? You know what, lets go.. in a few minutes.. I still kinda feel odd, my diary randomly dissapeared too.. I think my counterpart stole it... oh boy, its gonna be good getting revenge on him..

Foxy has also been acting weird lately, he's been quiet all of a sudden, and he randomly just.. dissapears sometimes..

Withered Foxy's POV