Noteman is a musical note animatronic that was used and then scrapped at Paradise Island. His head is a sharp musical note, with one eye on the round part of the note. He wears a white shirt with a gray jacket, and brown shoes with jeans.


He was scrapped, along with the rest of the Paradise Island animatronics, when the Wreckage somehow "turned a child's innards into outards". He was destroyed by him, and was left to rot in the attraction-turned murder site. A year later, he was saved by the five humans(Amity Kingsland, Rosette Kingsland, Jack Schmidt, and Jeremiah Fitzgerald) visiting the restaurant, during A Night In Paradise. He now has a makeshift attraction named after his old restaurant near the Kitchen, made by management.


He only speaks in music lyrics, so he is sometimes hard to understand. But once someone gets to know them, they will find his his cocky, seductive nature.

Special Relations

Mr. Handy- He somewhat reminds Noteman of the Wreck, so he tries to stay away from him.

Sangeruis- The two seem to enjoy each other's company.


He moves on later nights; he winds down the Puppet's music box if you don't wind it up enough, forcing you to keep winding to prevent him from making the Puppet move faster. If the Puppet begins moving, he begins moving as well, eventually ending up in your hallway. He doesn't kill you, but if he doesn't, the Puppet most likely will unless you are near the end of the night.


-In A Night In Paradise, it's possible, if you didn't save him, to find him in a room, eyeless.

-In any FNAF game he is in, he will ocassionally take off his head.


-His speaking of music lyrics is somewhat inspired by Gruntilda from Banjo Kazooie; They both speak in similar ways, as Gruntilda rhymes.

-Noteman, like most other animatronics in A Night In Paradise, was based off scrapped Cutting Crew members.

-Noteman uses music-based weaponry; such as boomboxes, walkmans, headphones, etc.

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