"Come on! Nowi wants to fight too!"
―Nowi to King Freddy after she was forbidden from fighting in the war

Nowi is a Manakete and a member of the Robot Kingdom. She usually acts very childish, and even looks like a child, though she is in fact over 1000 years old. When she wields a special stone known as a Dragonstone (Or a stronger counterpart of said stone), she can assume a dragon form, which she will revert from after a short time.


Nowi appears to be a young girl, around the age of 13. Though she is actually over 1000 years old. Because of her Manakete race, she will live for a very long time, and still remain with a youthful look until she's around 120000.In her humanoid form, she wears long, purple boots with love heart shapes on the tips of them that go up to her knees in height. Her hair is a bright green, and is very long, it's usually tied up into a long ponytail that stretches down to her middle back area. Just above her boots, one can just barely see some long pink socks with love heart shapes right at the beginning of the sock area. She wears a cloak, which is the only outside clothing she wears. Should her cloak be ripped apart or taken off, one would see her underwear, which would send her into great embarrassment and rage, which she has actually used to her advantage more than a few times.

As a dragon, Nowi's color matches her usual hair color, bright green, though her dragon form is slightly transparent. She has sharp teeth, which she rarely uses for offense, and the classic dragon wings, which she obviously uses to fly. She is quite a small dragon, matching her young appearance in her humanoid form. When she transforms into her dragon form, a giant flower bud appears around her for about one second before she bursts out of it and is in her dragon form. When returning to her humanoid form, she lands on the ground and a bright flash of light is seen before she is seen on the ground back in her humanoid form.


Nowi tries to be as friendly as she can to everyone, unless people try to hurt her, which she does not take too kindly to. She usually talks in the third person, though sometimes uses a strange mix of both the third and first person (Eg, "Did you buy a present for Nowi? I'm so happy!"), which can make talking to her rather strange at times, though she can speak in proper English if she wants to, shown when she talks to Queen Chica, whom she greatly respects. As stated before, Nowi acts very childish, often being rather clueless at times and making jokes that only small children would make. However, she only does this because she tries to cheer everyone else up, she is actually very mature on the inside.

While most of the time she is very happy and cheery, a few times she has seemed to become just plain depressed for seemingly no reason at all. When asked about why she does this, she mumbled a quiet "Please leave me be..." and walked away.


Nowi began life as a regular child in the year 87. After going through many years, she realised that she and her mother never seemed to age, yet her father did and died of natural causes when she was 23. After her father's death, Nowi's mother had to explain to her that she was not a human, but a strange type of humanoid known as a Manakete, which is a race that can live for a very long time and turn into dragons to do things other humans might not be able to do. Heartbroken by this news, Nowi secluded herself from reality, not wanting to have anyone close to her ever again, as she knew that she would lose them much before she herself would die.

After staying in hiding for 200 years, Nowi awoke one night to the sound of her mother talking to someone, which she would never do, she had promised to Nowi that she would never love another, for the sake of them both. Her mother was talking to a bulky man dressed in thick armour, his appearance scared Nowi, so she returned to her spot in the cave in which she slept, keeping the "Special stone" her mother gave her close. After a few minutes of quiet chatter became heated arguing, Nowi heard the sound of what seemed like her mother gurgling something. When she went to check, she was horrified to see her mother's corpse on the floor and the man standing in front of the body like he had just done the world a great deed.

Nowi was outraged and gripped her stone tightly. Before she even knew it, she had transformed into her dragon form for the first time and blasted the man out of the cave, most likely killing him. Nowi went to comfort her mother, thinking that there was still a small hope of her being alive. Sadly, her mother died that night and the very next morning she was buried by Nowi herself, whom was also the only one attending the "Funeral" for her mother. After becoming severely depressed at the death of both her parents, Nowi attempted suicide.

She was saved by landing on the back of a brown bear that roared with pain as she landed. Nowi had survived her fall from the cliff, it seemed, and now she was going to die an even more painful death. Nowi had tears in her eyes, she couldn't transform into a dragon, she had left her stone back in the cave where she slept. She closed her eyes and prepared for the worst when the bear began to lick her. Surprised, she looked and the bear and it looked back, almost seeming to take pity on her. The bear walked away and did a motion that seemed to mean "Follow me".

After following the bear for around 5 minutes, Nowi came across a giant forest riddled with all kinds of animals. One of note to Nowi was an oddly colored rabbit, being purple rather than the others, which were all white. One of which was very small compared to the others. She drove her attention to a fox and a chicken playing together in a pond, and even more animals around her. From lizards to dogs, almost every animal Nowi had ever known was there.

Returning her attention to the bear, Nowi turned and saw it trying to pick something off the ground, a top hat. Nowi placed the top hat on the bear and it licked her again. For the first time in many years, Nowi smiled at her new friends. She gave them all names, and could tell them all apart just by looking at them, even the ones that looked exactly the same. Of all her animal friends, her favorite was the original bear, whom she named Freddy Bear. She would care for him and he would do the same for her, each covering the other's back.

When Freddy died, Nowi wasn't sad at all. She knew that all life had to end at some point, so she may as well just enjoy herself while it lasts. It was exactly 777 years before she once again came into contact with something from the outside world. An animatronic bear who called himself King Freddy had went strolling from his "Castle" and found her in the woods. Normally, he would attack her on sight, but when he saw her, he got the biggest case of deja-vu he'd ever had in his life, and considering his amnesia, that's saying something.

He welcomed Nowi inside his castle, much to the annoyance of Queen Chica, whom didn't like outsiders entering her castle, especially humans. While they never bothered each other about anything, Queen Chica always seemed to have a grudge on Nowi for unknown reasons. During the original fight with Phobe, King Freddy forbid Nowi from fighting at all. She tried to explain to him about her dragon powers many times, but he never listened to her, thinking she just wanted to fight things.

After King Freddy was ganged up on, and Phobe was closing in, Nowi knew it was her time to strike, she couldn't bear to lose another friend again. She transformed into a dragon and incinerated the forces attacking King Freddy, and Phobe was forced to retreat. She was absent in the first battle with the Cutting Crew due to a sprained ankle that was being cared for by Queen Chica, who had seemed to have lost her grudge on Nowi after she saved King Freddy in the battle with Phobe. She is currently ready and willing to fight, should the Cutting Crew decide to attack again.


King Freddy

Nowi and King Freddy generally get along well, as he reminds Nowi of the bear she first met as a child. She ocassionally calls him "Freddy-Bear", which he strangely enjoys being called. Something she always tells herself is that it's the same Freddy, though her mind seems to disagree.

Queen Chica

At first, Queen Chica hated Nowi's guts, but after she saved King Freddy from dying at the hands of Phobe, she began to warm up to her, almost treating her as a second child. This can be seen by the fact that Queen Chica was tending her wounds when she hurt her ankle.

Wizard Fazzy

While the two rarely ever talk, aside from battle strategies, they seem to enjoy each other's company. Wizard Fazzy often asks a lot of questions about Manaktetes whenever Nowi is around. According to her, this can get slightly annoying at times, as she has to repeat herself to him again and again.


She hates Phobe for trying to kill her best friend, King Freddy. Strangely, Phobe is the only animatronic whom does not remind Nowi of anything she met in the forest as a "Child". Most likely because Phoenixs are mythical beings, but sometimes she tells herself "Aren't dragons supposed to be, too?" She has some suspicion of what he really could be, but she never shares this with anyone.


  • Nowi is based on a character from Fire Emblem Awakening with the same name, though her design and backstory were changed by her creator
  • She has a theory that the animatronics she meets could be the reincarnated forms of the animals she met in the forest, though she has no way to confirm this theory.
  • When she becomes a dragon, her voice seems to be doubled (Played twice over each other to sound like multiple people are talking). It is unknown as to why this happens.


"Hey, do you know what would make Nowi really happy? If someone loved me..." -Nowi to the bear at their first meeting.

"Nowi understands, mother. Manaketes are just too long lived to love people... aren't they?" -Nowi to her mother after discovering her true race.

"Freddy-Bear? Where are you, Freddy-Bear?" -Nowi looking for King Freddy throughout his castle.

"Stay away from my king!" -Nowi to Phobe's soldiers when they almost killed King Freddy.