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"A horror game with a unique mechanic, that will definitely scare the player." ~ Some Famous Company, 2015.


Something wants to be forgotten., however you need to pay for your sins... this is where you started, and where you ended, don't think about it, just become oblivious to everything around you, and be in a calm state of mind.

Don't think.

After you get the game, you will be sent a system that straps onto your forehead, and reads your brain, If you think about certain things just too much (to make it not as difficult)...

Your dead. (in-game of course, dummy.)

So, see if you can break an endless cycle of torture, that you, yourself have created, in Oblivious, a game about forgetting about bad things you have done, I would say... not really, but whatever, play the game already, please.


In this game, distorted versions of the FNAF animatronics chase after you, and if you think about dying too much, or one of the animatronics too much, well yea.

If you think about a certain animatronic too much, that exact animatronic will start screaming, you then have a very short time to hide before you die, and also get spooked.

If you think about dying too much, a yellow bonnie suit may flash infront of you, and if you move even the slightest bit while this is happening, the screen will go black, and very faint screaming is heard, along with metal clanging.

Names of animatronics may also flash on screen, and the words "DIE" written in blood can appear, trying to make you think about one of the things thay could kill you too much, so good luck trying to get past this game!


Freddy Fazbear

Freddy is one of the animatronics in Oblivious, he looks exactly like FNAF1 freddy, but he has no pupils, is very tall, is very rusted, and has super visible joints.