Old Vandal (Otherwise known as "BLUE MIST" ) is an old animatronic from A Few Nights at Bearmouth, And The upcoming game, "Many Nights At Fredbear's Remains". He only appears in the near end of the final cutscene, Rarely on the last night, and in the last teaser for the game.


Old Vandal, as his name suggests, is an older, and taller looking version of Vandal. His head is a bit more blocky, and taller, however. He has a tall, skinny body, and unlike Vandal, he is missing only the top of his chest, instead of his whole body. He has endoskeleton arms, and hands. He has black pants, with tall boots. He wears a long tie, and top hat. He has no eyes, and unlike vandal, his right ear is only missing it's fur and exposes it's endoskeleton instead of it being gone completley. He appears to be very tall. Unlike Vandal, he has a more, "dog like" look.

In "Many Nights At Fredbear's Remains", He has the same design, but with a full tuxedo, and a red tie.


Old Vandal appears to be very calm, yet also very aggresive at the same time. He doesn't move to another room As fast As The other animatronics. The only rooms he stays in are The Stoage Room, and Backstage (Rarely.). When he jumpscares you, he tries to strangle you Similar to Withered Bonnie from fnaf 2. He will only become active rarely.



  • He is one of the tallest animatronics, along with Bearmouth
  • It's unknown why he was scrapped, nor when he was used.
  • He is the only animatronic to were full clothing.

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