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One Morning at Freddy's is a comic series by SilverCyberlink. It will feature original scenarios, but the first few issues will be reworks of episode ideas from earlier parody idea Five Laughs at Freddy's. It is based in the pizzeria from the first game, and features multiple characters, both canon and fanon. It takes place in November 1993, and unlike his well-known fanfiction/fanmake System Overload, the series will be much more comedic in tone.


Manager for a Day?

The first story. Freddy, Bonnie and Chica are waiting for the children to arrive one morning, and when they come, they decide to try new kinds of performances. When the crowds start leaving, Freddy announces that he will be going overseas to attend an animatronic conference, and that Chica will run the restaurant until he returns. Eventually, kids start arriving more and more, until there are too many children for the two to cope with.

More will be written soon.

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