One Night at Franks is a video game starring the cast of The Filthy Frank Show.

DISCLAIMER: Pink Guy in this game is not this Pink Guy


The player character was told by Chin-Chin to burn down his school as a sacrifice, but instead he killed his fish. Chin-Chin, angry, sent him to Realm 0, the Ricefields. Papa Franku, Pink Guy, Salamander Man, and Fake Frank are all in the Ricefields and they are hungry. They decide to hunt you down and eat you, but you luckily find a building. You go upstairs to an apartment. The interdimensional creatures are trying to get in, and if you stop them you will survive another day.


Papa Franku

Papa Franku is the first antagonist you are introduced to, as he is the one who welcomes you to the Ricefields. He is the last one to move but he is much faster and, if their is another monster at your Door, he breaks it down. If their is no other monster, he leaves. This is one of the reasons why you must keep the monsters as far away as possible. When he talks he says "ANIME HUNTER"

Pink Guy

Pink Guy is the most prominent antagonist, as he is the first to move. When he gets to your Door, throw the Top Ramen at him and he'll grab it and run far away to eat it. When he talks he says "Ey b0ss"

Salamander Man

Salamander Man is a very slow antagonist. He is the second to move, and he functions the same as Pink Guy. When he gets to the Door, throw the recorder at him and he will run far away to play it. When he talks he says "NYEEEEEESSSS"

Fake Frank

Fake Frank is a unique antagonist, in that he appears only when you leave an antagonist at the Door for too long. There is no audio cue and he appears randomly at your sink. He then pulls some ravioli out of his pocket and you get a game over.


Flute and Top Ramen

The Flute and Top Ramen share an identical purpose, but drive away different antagonists. Top Ramen works on Pink Guy, and the Flute works on Salamander Man. If you use it on the wrong antagonist, you get a game over.

The Door

The Door is what you use to keep the monsters out. If you leave an antagonist at the Door without driving them away Fake Frank attacks. If Papa Franku comes while an antagonist is there he breaks down the Door and you get a game over.

Audio Cues

You must listen to what the enemy says when he is at your door, so you know which to throw out to them. If you mishear the audio cue and throw out the wrong thing, you will get a game over

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