One Nights at Robotnik's is currently under construction.

One Night at Robotnik's is a FNAF fangame with meme-related Animatronics. There is only one night in the game and there is no phone call. If the player survives until 6 AM, Robotnik will give them a promotion and they will win the game.


The game plays identically to Five Nights at Freddy's. In the Office, their are 2 metal doors which the player uses to protect themselves from the Animatronics ( Excluding O Face and Golden Robotnik ). And the player can see all Animatronics in the blind spots or the Office ( Excluding Weegee ). Like i said earlier, there is only ONE night.


  • Robotnik: The main antagonist of the game, he becomes active on 12 AM when the night starts. When the power goes out, he will play Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. He starts at Party Room with Forever Alone and then passes through Picture Room, North Hall, and then West hall before appearing in the blind spot. There is also a Easter Egg that shows him in East Hall.
  • Forever Alone: FA is the second Animatronic to become active, he usually becomes active at 1 AM. He starts at the Party Room with Robotnik and then passes through North Hall, East Hall and then appears at the blind spot. Unlike the other Animatronics, Forever Alone does not immediately attack the player when they forget to close the door. Instead, he randomly attacks the player.
  • Shrek: Shrek start moving at 2 AM, but is a very inactive Animatronic. He is the third Animatronic to move in the game. Shrek starts at The Swamp and then passes through North Hall, Picture Room, Party Room, West hall and then appears in the blind spot. Whenever he is viewed on a camera, the song Allstar by Smash Mouth will play.
  • Weegee: Weegee is a discontinued Animatronic. Weegee starts at the Backstage and will begin to escape if not viewed, Weegee will escape Backstage at ether 2 AM, 3 AM, 4 AM or 5 AM.
  • O Face: O Face is an Animatronic that appears in the Office. Although he's not seen, The O Face actually starts in the Picture Room. He will then escape Picture Room at 4 AM and teleport into the laptop, he is not harmless but goes through phases before escaping the laptop and killing the player. He has 3 phases, phase 1 is his hands poking out, phase 2 is his head poking out, and phase 3 is his entire body out of the laptop. To get him closer to escaping, the player must view the monitor.
  • Golden Robotnik: GR is a rare Animatronic in One Night at Robotnik's. He randomly gets in the Office and the player has to put the monitor up or he will kill them.

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