One Night at the Funhouse, a game I am hoping to make but can't make. So maybe someone could make it for meh just I have all the ideas and such? Please?


"Daddy, why don't you want to go to the circus? It's so fun!"


A circus. A plain old circus. The Wilburn brothers were hosting a tour at this so called "ordinary funhouse."

The tourist guide never told how the animatronics got there, the only thing he told the children about was the gold hidden in a mine underneath the circus. Myth, others might think. But you are willing to take the chances. You are supposed to be a night janitor, but right before your conference was another person who succeeded in getting a night janitor job. Now you have to do the only job left. The nightguard.


"Daddy, all of the other children are going! Why can't we go?"


Start Menu:

Light static, white-noise type.

Font: Pixelated; blocky.

Text is on Left Side.

Title: One Night at the Funhouse; on top left corner.

Main 3 Characters (explained in "Characters") are on Right side, going from daytime form to nighttime form.


"Oh, come on daddy, there's gonna be food and games and fun! Why can't we go?"


Office Decor:



Large, orangish drink in it, red and white stripes

Turned off Phone

Box of cold pizza

Tablet (For Cameras)

Ceiling Fan::

Brown, speed: fast, has shadows like shadows in elevator in Sister Location.


X4, 2 on each side, each on an old mahogany table.

Old Timey television, static on all.


"Look, Daddy! The other kids are getting balloons? Can I get one? Please?"


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