One Week at Star's is a fan game made by yours truly, Dipsy the Tubbybot.


You have been hired as a nightguard at Star's Cookies and Sweets. What can go wrong? 150$ a week,7 nights, and good security features.


Star the Cat

Star is a light blue cat. She has a top hat and a bow tie, she is also the main singer of the band. She has a white belly and a long tail with white at the end of it.


Night Behavior

Star 2
Star is first seen on Night 2 and she starts at 3-5 am. She will go to the Party Room, Back stage, Kitchen, Girls Bathroom, Hall 2 Corner, then the Right Vent. She can be stopped by blocking the vent. She can rarely go to Bunny Corner.

Day Behavior

In the day, she is the lead singer as mentioned before. She can walk off the stage to interact with kids. She usually says things like, "Are you enjoying the show"or "How is the food".

Oscar the penguin

Oscar is a penguin with a white belly.He has a orange beak and eyebrows.He has three stray feathers on his head.His hands are flippers.

Night behavior

Oscar is first seen on night 1.He is active at 3-4 am.He goes to the dining room,backstage,hall 1,mens bathroom


hall 1 corner,and left vent.He is stopped by blocking the vent or audio.He,like Star,can go to Bunny corner.

Day behavior

Oscar can go off stage to interact with kids.He can say stuff like "How is the food,is it 5 stars or 0 stars?"or "want to hear a joke?".

Ruffy the dog

Ruffy is a peach colored dog.He has a golden monocle and a red tie.His belly is white and he holds a short tail(not seen in picture).

Night behavior

Ruffy activates on night one around 3-5 am.He can go in every camera.The special thing about him is he can drain your power if you don't use the taser in the backroom.

Ruffy 2

Day behavior

Ruffy is the animatronic most people like.His role is to teach kids about manners by being all fancy.Ruffy holds a plate with a cookie with eyes,like chica's cupcake.He is the backup singer of he band.When interacting he can say"remember to use manners"or"I hope you love the show!".

Katie the pirate bunny

Night behavior

Katie starts in bunny cove.Then she goes to hall 1-hall 1 corner-then your office.Her jumpscare is like foxy's.You must close the door or watch her to make her go away.

Katie body

Day behavior

Katie is the 2nd most liked.She has her own stage.She will sing songs to the kids.She can walk off the stage and interact with kids and say "the show be startin soon and yur gonna like it."or"Be nice kiddies!"

Clanes the bunny

Night behavior

Clanes works really different than anyone.He goes through the vent-and your office.The way to stop him is to block the vent.He is very fast so you must be quick.

Day behavior

Clanes is in charge of the prize counter.He can walk around and watch kids play at the game room.He also hands out prizes and tell kids their score.He tells jokes sometimes or maybe sing a little.


Night bahavior

Foxina acts like the other(excluding Clanes).She goes to the fox playroom-dining area-game room-hall 2-hall 2 corner-office.She is stopped by closing to the right door.


Day behavior

Foxina starts in fox playroom.She sings,plays with kids,and tells jokes.She is very glitchy but the kids don't seem to mind it.She is the 3rd most liked.

Jackson the bat

Night behavior

Jackson acts like balloon boy.When he activates he starts in the backroom.Then goes to the dining area-game room-fox playroom-Bunny corner-office.He disables doors when he gets in.He goes through another vent.To stop him,you have to play sound.


Day behavior


Fan art

Submit any if you would like!

Dipsy the Tubbybot's OC Oscar the penguin! Drawn by-SpringThing14
One week at stars picture/fan art

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