You are hired in the new Star's Cookies n' Sweets which you are paid 100$ a week.The year is 1986,the new location opens its doors.The old ones are left to rot in the basement.The night shift is 100% safe...right?

Star 2.0

Night Behavior

Toy star
Star starts on the Show Stage and is very uncommon for her to move. Her path is Stage-Dining room 1- Bunny Corner- Main Hall -Hall- Office. She is defended by the reboot button and activates around 3-4 am.

Day Behavior

Star sings on stage with the rest of the band. She can come of the Stage and can interact with kids. She also tells jokes and watches kids play. Star is the most liked animatronic at the location.

Sneaky the raccoon

Night behavior

Sneaky the raccoon

Sneaky is as his name suggests,sneaky.He is very hard to see in cameras and his path is show stage-dining area 2-bunny corner-Main Hall-parts room-kitchen-office.He is defended with the reboot button.His first appearance is on night 2 1 am-2 am .

Day behavior

Sneaky replaces Oscar from the other location.He is on stage with Star and the others.Many kids like him because he is very funny.Sneaky also plays a saxophone(not seen in the image).He interacts with kids and tells jokes.He has a nice personality.

Ruffy 2.0

Night behavior


Ruffy 2.0 is VERY fast.He is a big threat on night 7 15/20.His path is stage-dining room 3 and 4-Parts room(only when empty)-Hall-Office.To get him away,you must hide under your desk.His first appearance is on night 1 2-5 am.

Day behavior

Ruffy is on stage with the others.He sings along with Star and Sneaky.He comes off stage and interacts with kids.He can tell jokes,hug,or just shake hands.He is the second most liked animatronic.

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