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one night at rexy's is a game where you play as a nightguard trying to keep 2 animatronics away : rexy and rexy jr. they are carnivores, meaning you need a turkey leg, or a toy tank (3rd game) to shoo them away from your office. this is only the 1st game, making it focus on the first location, rexy's barbacue V.1.


  • rexy : rexy is a big red T-rex that is more or less active than rexy jr, and can be seen at the doorlight, unlike freddy fazbear.
  • rexy jr : rexy is a small, light colored version of rexy that is 12 years old and has the role of bonnie, since he comes through the left door. he carries a light turquoise ball around with him, altough you can't see it when he's at the doorway.

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