one night at rexy's 1-4 is a seires that revolves around rexy and rexy jr, the 2 main antagonists. It is a scratch game seires made by 7494pinguisback20. he is currently working on a roblox version of the first game in honor of the first game getting 50+ views, but it was cancelled sadly. here is the story of each game :

one night at rexy's : you are a nightgaurd at rexy's barbecue, watching rexy and friends in one single camera, sadly. You hold up a turkey leg to shoo them away. the animatronics are carnivores, wanting to eat you and your flesh.

one night at rexy's 2 : rexy's barbecue is back, only with one little issue : there is no toy animatronics, meaning that rexy and rexy jr have been repaired and back to normall. There is also a playground room where the only camera view we see is a hole in the wall with 2 little eyes, but when the thing in the hole moves, it breaks the hole larger. When it goes back, it is fixed. the animatronic that comes from there is monstrocity, and the red shark that catches you / the red shark's jumpscare is his lower body.

one night at rexy's 3 : the barbecue place is torn down and made into a horror attraction. indestructisaur is the only animatronic in buisness, while rexy and rexy jr are kept in a storage room (cam 2) and the 3 animatronics wander around at night, but the turkey leg is gone and the tank is the only protector for you.

one night at rexy's 4 : a huge slap in the face came, making the 3rd game not be the end. the barbecue is back, but there is an unused animatronic named "velocimorph", who is also refered to as "HIM" to make himself unknown. He is kept in an unseen location and he breaks out of the room at night, being free to roam around the barbecue place untill 8 AM. there is a difference in the office : there is now a cieling vent, where rexy jr can come through.

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