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Some attributes
First Ocelot/animatronic
Second Female suit
Third Up to Emy
Other attributes
Fourth Party Host
Fifth Up to Emy


Ozzie wears a snowflake clip in her fur. She is colored like a typical ocelot. She wears a dark blue star necklace and wears a cyan dress that comes to her floor.

Character Bio

Up to Emy

Social Life

Up to Emy


Emy the Guardian Cat - They are friends and they do care about each other. Problem is Emy's always the one protecting her and Ozzie sometimes wouldn't return a favor.


Debut: Left For Five Nights


  • Ozzie was originally going to be a boy. But her creator couldn't come up for an appearance for her, so she changed Ozzie to be a girl.
  • This character is currently owned by Emy.

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