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Paul Penguin's Ice Cream Parlor or PPICP is were Some Nights at Paul's or SNAP takes place. PPICP is a fanmade location.


PPICP was created by Penguin Co. around the golden age of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It was suppossed to be a normal ice cream parlor with a fictional mascot called Paul The Penguin, he appeared in commercials, the logo and had some toy merchandise to advertise the location. Since animatronics started to get famous around the era PPICP was created they later made a deal with Fazbear Entertainment so they could make an animatronic character so the place would get more attention. Later when just one characters wasn't enough they made another deal with Fazbear Entertainment for a higher price so they could make 3 more animatronics. After some months an incident happened in the location, a security guard mysteriously went missing a day after their first shift started, most folk speculate that the CEO of the location are hiding something from the public. More details coming soon(or not).


Like any other ice cream parlor the employees at PPICP are both workers who give ice cream to the customers or engineers who fix the broken machines(most likely the freezer) when the ice cream parlor is closed. After animatronics were brought/created to/for the location engineers also have to fix malfunctioning animatronics, though since their main priority are the machines and the freezer, also because they aren't that experienced with animatronics, they rarely fix them. New employees were contracted to put the animatronics back at their location when they are found deactivated in different rooms inside PPICP because of their free-roaming mode. More details coming soon(or not).


  1. Vanilla ice cream
  2. Vanilla milkshake
  3. Vanilla ice cream
  4. Vanilla ice cream
  5. Vanilla ice cream
  6. Vanilla ice cream
  7. Chocolate ice cream
  8. Garlic ice cream
  9. PPICP's special(25% percent of vanilla, chocolate and garlic ice cream inside a small glass bowl nobody buys this one)


All the animatronics here have their own page in this wiki. These are the animatronics:

  1. Paul The Penguin
  2. Peter The Polar Bear
  3. Ike The Ice Cream Vendor
  4. Golden Paul
  5. Abigail The Snowy Owl
  6. Anne The Arctic Fox

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