Paul The Penguin or just Paul is a penguin animatronic created by Shadowboy192.


Paul was a penguin mascot for an Ice Cream Parlor created during Freddy Fazbear's Pizza's golden age, since the kids were interested with the animatronics in that place, PPICP made a deal with FFP to create animatronic characters for their ice cream parlor. Like the animatronics in FFP Paul would perform in the stage for the children and ask them silly questions like if they are liking their ice cream or if they had seen the other atractions. Paul started acting weird when an incident involving the freezer happened in the location because of another animatronic.


Paul is a humanoid animatronic penguin. As a penguin his body is mainly black with some white spots and belly. He has an orange beak similiar to Chica's but smaller and an orange penguin-like feet. He wears a red derby top hat, a red bowtie and holds a cane. His eyes are green.


Paul is a very ''chill'' guy. He is also really patient and serious. Differently from when performing, he actually hates the place and its people. He started to act like this after some incident happened in the location.


Peter The Polar Bear

He's one of Paul's closest friends(he's the only other animatronic in his stage, so It's kinda obvious). While Paul isn't fond of his musical preferences, he still hears it so Peter doesn't get sad because of people calling him a rip-off.

Abigail The Arctic Owl

Finds her annoying, and she also does think so about him. They prefer to stay away from eachother, but every once in a while when they talk with eachother an argument happens. It's really rare when they get along with eachother.

Anne The Arctic Fox

Differently from Abigail, he isn't annoyed with her. He actually praises her for actually being able to get along with Abigail.

Ike The Ice Cream Man

At first found him weird, since he said incoherent phrases and started shaking sometimes, like if he was glitched. Later, after an incident happened at the location, Paul started to grow hatred for not only him but to the place too.

Golden Paul

After Ike was brought to the location, weird voices started to haunt him, he couldn't make sense of them apart that they sounded like an story was being told. Later, he started to see an eyeless yellow version of himself and started to question his sanity. Later the figure started to appear more often and the voices started to make sense. Now he feels bad for not understanding them sooner and also guilty for not stopping the incident sooner.


Picture by SpringThing14:
Paul the Penguin By spring thing 14


  • Paul hates vanilla ice cream.

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