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these are short stories about 3 kids and the animatronics, the kids were killed but not put in suits, so they wander day and nght in freddys and can talk to animatronics, and for fun prank kids.


joe: he is grumpy and serious NO TIME FOR FUN AND GAMES!

bob: he is fun likes pranks and NO TIME FOR SERIOUS AND WORK!

fred: he is a wimp and not sure what to do... PLEASE HELLP ME!

where am i?

"where am i? i saw a purple man with a saw, then lights out." said bob. "HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed fred. "idiots, we were killed." said joe. freddy comes in. "what was the noise!?" asked freedy. "we were killed!!" said bob panicly. "we'll i know your moms!" said freddy. "you do?" they all asked. "yes yes i do, they were all killed with you! right now they are wearing colored bonnie suits but sadly we don't have suits for you all." says freddy. "HELLLP!!!" shouts fred. "well, we will be with our moms!" says bob. "don't kare." says joe.


The Farts

Today, i farted and we died.


its raining frontal lobes

'I got your nose!" says Foxy. "no you don't" says Bob. "got your frontal lobe!" says Foxy. "DANG IT!" says bob "its raining frontal lobes! from out of the sky! frontal lobes! no need to ask why! just open your mouth, and close your eyes! its raining frontal lobes!!! a little too far?" says foxy. "yep...." says bob. "i will never get out that mental image" says joe.


its taco rain!!



Foxy hated everyone at the pizzeria. He would hide in the Pirate's cove because of that. He hated being yiffed by everyone.