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Penelope is a dark Shadow Being of Freddy Fazbear's pizza. She has been assumed to be the spirit of a little girl. She isn't very aggressive unless she sees Mittens. She doesn't like Mittens that much.



Penelope kissing Gamer Guy.


She is very calm and romantic most of the time. She likes to hang around Gamer Guy (whom she has a massive crush on). She will mostly wander around the pizza place and do whatever she feels like doing.


Gamer Guy

She has massive feeling for Gamer Guy and wishes she could hang out with him all the time. They are also good friends


Penelope HATES Mittens, She hates her seductive attitude and doesn't like to be around her


She and Katt have hung out a few times. They talk a lot.


They don't really talk much. By They seem to have a good communication.

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