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"Uhh...... Hello? Hello? Anyone there, well if your hearing this, I wanted to leave you a message, Uhh.... T-There's a skunk thing, B-But if i was you, I wouldn't worry about him though.... Heh, heh..... Well umm at least till the second night....... Yeah j-just try and stay alive, ummm...... I'll talk to you tomorrow...... Hopefully." ~Phone guy night 1


He is a skunk with a tuxedo, a red bow tie, and black polished buttons. He has a white line going down the center of his face
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smaller ears with white i  the center he has a white muzzle with two bolts holding his mouth shut. a black tail with a white tip and little white boots


He ignores every other animatronic and normally sulks in the corner when your looking for him you can normally find him slumped in the corner back stage but you can barely see him because there is no light. He normally stays in the corners until night 3 that's when he becomes very aggressive. He is normally angry or sad.


His creators made him and during a test his voice box broke and they couldn't turn it off but they found out if they closed his mouth he would stopped and that's why he has the bolts in the sides of his mouth. He was going to be a builder but then Freddy's gave him a tuxedo so he could be a waiter.


He stays in the corners until night 3 on night 3 he edges from the walls. If you watch the camera on the room that he is in for too long then it will go blank and he will go into the nearest room. he can appear in the same room as another animatronic because he's so small he hides from them. He doesn't like being seen but when he is near your office you can hear a child crying.



They are good friends and are normally in the same room but Peppermint doesn't hide from him.


Peppermint finds her creepy and avoids her as much as possible.


They are good friends but Peppermint doesn't like him to see him.


They are kinda friends but Peppermint always hides from him.


He has a crush on her, but is to shy to say so


He has 2 but 1 is very rare to get.

Normal one: He slashes his claws furiously at you until the game goes onto static.

Rare one: His eyes go blank and you can see tears and blood coming from the eyes and he stares at the screen until the game crashes.


  • He only likes being seen by Freddy
  • He only has 2 close friends
  • He has 2 jump scares
  • He is always angry or sad
  • You can hear a child crying when hes near the office

Credit for the idea of the animal and name goes to Foxstar241

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