Peter is a polar bear animatronic created by Shadowboy192.


After some months after Paul's creation, the ice cream parlor started to get some loss in public, so PPICP made a deal with Fazbear Entertainment again and paid a bigger amount of money so they created three more animatronics for them. So after this Peter the Polar Bear which would play a piano in Paul's stage and two other animatronics were created. Like Paul, some incident in the location made it act abit weird after some time.


Peter has a similiar appearance to Freddy but more rounded. His fur is fluffy and white like that of a normal polar bear, he also has a round nose, baby blue paws in his hand(like Freddy's paws in FNAF 1) and cyan eyes. He wears a light blue parka hat and has two buttons in his chest.


When performing Peter is a happy-go-lucky dude who likes to play exciting songs in the piano, but when he isn't performing he shows to hate the people who say he is a ''Freddy rip-off'' or a ''boring white Freddy''. He also likes to play songs that have to do with his feelings when not performing as a hobby. He has a good taste in music.


Paul The Penguin

His best friend. Always listening to his music and supporting him when needed. They just don't like discussing their ice cream tastes though.

Abigail The Arctic Owl

Is annoyed by her, but not at the same level Paul is. He can actually talk with her without starting an argument, but the conversation doesn't last too long.

Anne The Arctic Fox

He is also friends with her, but is annoyed by the sound her ice skates make.

Ike The Ice Cream Man

At night he tries to interact with him, but is always received with incoherent phrases and sometimes even a faint moaning. Unlike Paul, he didn't witness the incident happening and didn't know why Paul was acting slightly different after that day.

Golden Paul

Sometimes at night, when he goes away from his piano, It starts to play itself. When he goes there again to check what is happening, he sometimes sees someone that looks like Paul but yellow very briefly. After some days started to pass, that started to happen more often and he started to see the yellow penguin everywhere, sometimes even at day. When he talked about this with Paul, he didn't believe it and thought it was just his imagination, until he started to see the same figure Peter talked about.


  • Peter ONLY likes vanilla ice cream.

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