Phantom Bungale is a shadowy illusion of Bungale's remains.
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Phantom Bungale can be found on Cam 5, above the audio button. If found, he will jumpscare the player, causing an camera system error and a ventilation error.


Not much is left of Bungale. The only things visible are his eyes and feet, in which his feet are green claws-sized blades, as wide as a very small tree. His eyes are a deep green, his body is still purple, but he has no arms or tail visible. Sometimes, a hallucination will occur, which makes Bungale's original form cover up all the cameras' view points until you put the monitor down.


Phantom Bungale treats everyone equally, but with hate. By far, the most aggressive of Bungale's variants, and the most horrifying. He does have a soft spot for the toys, but he hates them just as everyone else. However, there are a few other exceptions.

  • Emy - He loves her. "I don't get why I do," He said one day. "But I guess it's best to have a friend other than the toys." But ever since Xavier came around, he feels heart broken.
  • Seth - They hang out in the kitchen and scare the guard in ways none should experience. They're good friends to the core.


  • Out of all of the Bungale copies, he is the only one who is not copying all of the details from the others.
  • Phantom Bungale is the only Bungale copy that can shut down more than 6 cameras.