Phantom Scott Cawthon is a rare easter egg in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. There's usually a 1% chance of him appearing most of the time, otherwise, he is extremely rare to find. 

What Phantom Scott Cawthon looks like. Credit to MaininBlack007JK for the image.


In order to activate Phantom Scott Cawthon, the player needs to enter 1/3/1/1/1/9/8/7/0/0 on the custom night screen. When the player does this, he will appear and jumpscare the player. Resulting in the game crashing. After a few seconds, a rare screen will appear, it shows all the Animatronics with their endoskeleton eyes. However, he can also appear on Night 1, Night 3 and Night 5.


When Phantom Scott Cawthon is in the office, he will start to make the player get hallucinations. The player needs to immediately put on the Freddy Fazbear Head on in order to avoid death and the game crashing. If the player doesn't, Phantom Scott Cawthon will disappear and then jumpscare the player after a few moments.


  • He is similar to Shadow Bonnie, Golden Freddy and Phantom Freddy.
  • He is the first Phantom OC by Waluigiofthegods.
  • Unlike Golden Freddy, putting up the monitor does not work on him.
  • His jumpscare is his head crashing into the player.
  • He is one of the few Animatronics to not be one. Instead he is a human.


While Waluigiofthegods was in chat, he asked "What if there was a Scott Cawthon Animatronic?". Everyone in chat was nervous. But then he got the idea to create Phantom Scott Cawthon, beginning his existence.


  • He was originally going to have a 50% chance of appearing, but this was scrapped.