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were you looking for the last 2 snowstrucks, Snowstruck Destruction or Toy Snowstruck?

Phantom Snowstruck is a phantom version of Snowstruck.


After being caught kissing the nightgaurd to keep him safe, the animatronics (except Foxy) rip off her arms, legs, tail, and body, so the only part (outside not endoskeleton) that is visible is her head and the rest is her endo skeleton. She doesn't hug or kiss you, she scares you with a smile, then you get 1 minute with no animatronics.


  • Phantom Snowstruck, Nightmare Snowstruck, and Toy Snowstruck have nicknames

Toy: Toystruck, Phantom: Phonestruck, Nightmare: Nightstruck

  • Sometimes when Foxy is about to scare you, Phantom Snowstruck hurries to you and smiles at you to save you.

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