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Phantom Spring is some sort of other form of Spring, that, it appears P. Spring existed since Fazbears Fright, however was never found by anyone, never seen, after the place burned down, she went away for a while, but she has apparently returned to this day.


She is mostly angry sometimes, but never does harm to others unless they are worthy of being punished, she is slightly crazy, and sometimes threatens people.

In-game, she may randomly appear in the office, very close to the player, staring into the screen, and you have to rapidly click the button that appears on screen to avoid being killed, after this, your character will close their eyes, and depending on if you clicked it enough or didn't, she will either jumpscare you when you open your eyes, or she wont.


She looks exactly like spring, but with a few changes, she appears to be a burnt gray fox animatronic, with one of her ears missing, also with wires coming out of it, both of her hands are just burnt endoskeleton, she also appears to have rips everywhere on her, and the texture of her suit is more like Springtrap, it also appears her knee joint is showing, a full burnt endoskeleton sphere, that has multiple mechanics inside it, and she overall looks more athletic, and flexible, and she has similaritys to springtrap, it appears her left hand is complete burnt endoskeleton too.

She also has obvious phantom features, such as having "phantom eyes", it also appears her claws are longer and much more sharp, they also look kind've black, and shiny.



She always feels disturbed around him, and actually kind've hates him, everyone says its because his odd behavior, and how he's very "sexual", although it may not be just this.

This doesen't need to be here, but first of all: Demonic BB, do not make a SINGLE comment on her relationship with Xavier, I've already had enough of it, ok? I just think Xavier is.... eh, it's too weird for me, and heck, Emerald actually doesen't like what she did in the FA: Part 3 roleplay, so please, chill out, I really hope you can stop this.


She's actually half nice around Emy, and protects her as much as she can, possibly because what she knows about Xavier.

Phantom Bonnette

She's half nice around Bonnette too, and she thinks of her as a friend, maybe because she's also a phantom, which maybe seems to be the case.



  • Phantom Spring was created when I asked South Ferry in a PM about a new version of spring, golden spring or phantom spring, he chose phantom spring, which led to this page.
  • Her ORIGINAL personality was also thought of by south ferry.