"hello there, human... don't be afraid.. i just want to share and eat a piece of meat with you..." -phantom rexy when he is near the office or at the cameras.

Phantom rexy is a full-bodied version of a burnt and color-darkened rexy. He bears much ressemblence to his first design, the difference being there is a big hole in one his arms, like the FNAF2 foxy, and he has 4 wires coming out of his head, one right wire staying upright instead of downwards.

He has the same strength as the normal rexy and he doesn't like it when someone picks on him, physicaly harms him, or when someone is trying to put items he moved back where they belong.


In any other camera, he might move stuff around and put them near the cameras (example : bonnie mannequin from CAM 2 moved to CAM 8 and chica head moved to CAM 2). Sometimes when he has moved stuff around, he will at one point reveal his body at the camera he moved an object to. This can replace the object or objects he removed, and it will put them back to where they were. When he is near the office, or at CAM 2, he will show his body, walking slowly at the window, and stops completely at the other side of the window.

He ducks when he gets to the other side of the window. In his jumpscare, instead of the usual FNAF3 scream, he just roars in your face, sounding like some sort of T-rex and raptor fusion, and then you die, the static infront of you. He also can be stopped by using the audio in the camera you are on.


  • The reason why phantom rexy kills you is that he isn't a hallucination, but a real ghost that haunts the horror attraction.
  • Although he may be a lot like his original design, his phantom version is bigger up to over normal rexy's head.