Phonetomn is an antagonist in One Week At Seth's, and appeared on many fan games of the Seth series. He is also the main antagonist of Three Nights at Phonetom's


Phonetom is a dark greenish animatronic that was made and introduced during night 3 of One Week At Seth's, he was originally Phone guy and then got himself killed due to him checking out something inside the locked saferoom. He may have his face but he is missing his upper jaw.

However in Five Nights at Seth's 2, Phonetom shows multiple damages. His stomach shows many rips and shows the ribs from his endoskeleton, it is also shown that he has multiple sharp teeth and shows more endoskeleton on his feet and missing both of his arms.


When he was alive, he was calm, happy and a bit arrogant. He got himself killed when he opened the saferoom and ultimately freeing the animatronics. He became Phonetom when he got killed by Seth and Blueman, and the other "Nightmare bots".


  • His name is a pun of Phantom.
  • Phonetom is the only animatronic in the game that doesn't kill you but disables the door and vent.
    • If the door and vent is open, then he only gives you a jumpscare!


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