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Photo-Negative Gamer Guy is a Photo-Negative Gamer Guy suit that is even more demented and psycho than Wolfy.
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Most of the time he acts very demented. He can't see very well which makes him a little vulnerable. He speaks in a low sounding, G major, Echoy voice. He is also very vulnerable to loud noise. He also likes to hide in the dark. Most of the time he tempts Gamer Elijah to do stuff he's not supposed to do. He also goes and creeps the other animatronics out most of the time.


He currently resides in Freddys Funland. Where he is an Easter egg.

What he does

When appearing he will stand in front of the player and then he will say;


"Wannnnna D-D-D-Die Tonnnnighttt"

Then he will jumpscare the player.


He looks the same as Gamer Guy but with Inverted Colors. He also has inverted blood dripping from his eyes (Blue).

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