Photo-Negative Jack

Photo-Negative Jack is a Guy Fawkes mask animatronic, and appears in multiple RPs and Five Nights At The Inventory. He is a giant photo-negative mask with red pupils that floats around and tries to kill the guard.


Almost nothing is know about this animatronic; He does say he has a soul, however. It could be that he is the soul of the child Mad Jack killed, as they are both intense rivals.


Sometimes he is helpful and other times he is an evil mastermind, plotting to overrun Freddy Fazbear's pizza.

Special Relations

Golden Lindsay: They seem to be working together along with Top Chef and Shadow Meredith; almost forming an entire Cutting Crew counterpart.

Sangeruis: You'd think they'd get along, since they both are from the 4th Dimension. Strangely, they do not.

Jack: They are intense rivals; the reason could be that Photo Jack was the child Mad Jack killed by stabbing in the brain.


He is active on later nights; he moves with other animatronics. Once an animatronic with Jack has moved, Jack will stay in the room with a hallucination of that animatronic, throwing the player off. There is usually a sign of a hallucination; darker costumes, missing eyes, etc.


-Photo Jack was made on accident when ManinBlack was playing with the Paint feature on his computer.

-He seems to try and avoid Spam and Toy Spam, for obvious reasons.

-If one tries to wear Photo Jack, they will be sent to the 4th Dimension.

-Jack's voice box is broken, and he must try hard to speak. This results in a whirring sound being made before he speaks.

-His jumpscare is flying at you, smirking.

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