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Pizzeria Creator is currently under construction. That means some things featured may not be final and will be edited in future. This could also mean you can request ideas in the comments or edit the page if allowed. However, it's best to ask to edit the page, or check if the page has a "public" template.


Pizzeria Creator is a fan-game where you can create your very own Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You can place down rooms, corridors, assign animatronics and hire people, as well as visit your friends' pizzerias. It even includes a fully voiced tutorial as well as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ integration.


Before you start, you have to pick a size and location. The location and size don't matter, but it is recommended to start with medium size and pick the area closest to a farm or a warehouse. After that, you can either choose to play through the tutorial or go in blind. You start off with 1500 Coins and 30 FazTickets. Coins are basic currency and FazTickets are premium currency. Tapping or clicking on the rooms icon allows you to buy, place, upgrade or sell rooms. The rooms you can buy are:

Room Cost (Coins) Upgrade Cost Per Level (Coins) Upgrade Cost Per Level (FazTickets) Level Required
Registration 100 Coins +100 +1 1
Dining Room 100 Coins +100 +1 1
Stage 100 Coins +100 +1 1
Office 100 Coins +100 +1 1
Restrooms 100 Coins +100 +1 1
Parts & Services 100 Coins +100 +1 1
Safe Room 100 Coins +100 +1 1
Kitchen 100 Coins +100 +1 1
Pirate's Cove 100 Coins +100 +1 1
Supply Closet 100 Coins +100 +1 1
Storytime Stage 200 Coins +125 +2 3
Stairs 300 Coins N/A N/A 5
Elevator 300 Coins +150 +3 5
Toy Stage 300 Coins +150 +3 5
Game Area 350 Coins +150 +3 6
Kid's Cove 400 Coins +150 +3 7
Prize Room 400 Coins +150 +3 7
Party Room 400 Coins +150 +3 7
Office (FNAF2) 400 Coins +150 +3 7


When you tap on rooms, you can assign animatronics to a few of them. You can also buy animatronics. They can be upgraded, as well as repaired if they break down. Here's a list:

Animatronic Job Cost Repair Cost Upgrade Cost
Freddy Fazbear Singer 100C 100C +25
Bonnie Bunny Guitarist 100C 100C +25
Chica Chicken Entertainer 100C 100C +25
Foxy the Pirate Fox Storyteller 100C 100C +25
Golden Freddy Storyteller 10 FT N/A N/A
Toy Freddy Singer 300C 100C +25
Toy Bonnie Guitarist 300C 100C +25
Toy Chica Entertainer 300C 100C +25
Toy Foxy (Mangle)* Entertainer 300C 100C +25
Balloon Boy Prize-Giver 350C 100C +25
The Puppet Prize-Giver 400C N/A +25
Withered Freddy Waiter 500C 50C N/A
Withered Bonnie** Waiter 500C 50C N/A
Withered Chica** Waiter 500C 50C N/A
Withered Foxy Waiter 500C 50C N/A
Withered Golden Freddy Waiter 20 FT N/A N/A
  • *Repairing Toy Foxy whilst they are Mangle will turn them back into Toy Foxy.
  • ** W. Bonnie has a new arm and W. Chica has new hands and her arms never lock up.