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This game is inspired by Plants vs. Zombies.


Name Sun cost What it does Recharge time Obtained Almanac entry desc.
Peashooter 100 Shoots peas 1 second At start This is your primary defense
Sunflower 50 Makes sun 1 second 1-2 This plant is important, so plant it
Wall-nut 50 Protects other plants 2 seconds 1-3 He is a champion on bolwing, but he protects other plants, because he thinks that it is important
Potato Mine 25 Explodes enemies, but it takes time to be armed 1.5 seconds 1-4 This plant can kill enemies instantly
Squash 50 It is single use and kills enemies instantly in an area 2 seconds 1-5 This plant can smash enemies
Ice Pea 175 Shoots peas that slow down enemies 1 second 1-6 A better version of the peashooter that slows down the nightguards.


Name Health Speed Special First appears
Employee Guard 5 Slow None 1-1
Conehead Guard 5 (3 for roadcone) Slow None 1-2
Buckethead Guard 5 (7 for bucket) Slow None 1-3
Trash Can Guard 5 (15 for can) Very slow, slow after can is destroyed None 1-4
Football Guard 7 (8 for helmet) Fast None 1-4
Jetpack Guard 7 (13 for jetpack) Very Fast, Fast after jetpack ius destroyed. Flies over plants (only with jetpack) 1-5

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