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Pluff is an animatronic blue bowling ball with yellow feet. He is know to eat almost EVERYTHING. Pie, apples, salad, bombs, you name it, he eats it.


Pluff was once a normal bowling ball with no life in him. A kid soon came and put legs on Pluff. He soon came to life and scared the kid to his home, not to be seen that day. Ever since, that kid that stuck legs on has had nightmares because of Pluff. Three days later, they met again... And that kid... Was eaten alive.


Pluff begins in the Kitchen, then moves depending on how much you watch him, to the left vent or west hall. If you don't use the door lights to see if he's there, if the door is shut, he will EAT the door for the rest of the night.


Pluff is not too saddening, he's just your average happy-go animatronic having a good day. This has not been the same, of course not, but usually this is how it usually goes.


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