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this is how pf appears in the game


this is my personal recreation

Plutonium foxy is cobalt freddys best f riend in Five nights at foxys 3, and was responsible for the bite of 2203. He caused it using his big plutonium jaw bite, and rupped the back lobe of the childs head. He survived though, and fone guy talks about how it was lucky that the kid didnt dye during your 12 day at the icecream palour.

not to be confused with plutonium foxy 2

so why did i create plutonium foxy?

thanks for staying tune guys

I like plutonium foxy alot because he makes me happy when i sea him, my favourite colour is green so i choose plutonium for the added effect. As he looks futuristic i fought it would be better to set him in a future setting. I will know tell you how he atack you.

similar to fnaf 1, when foxt runs down the hallway his jaw flpaaps about, this is because he caused trhe bit of 2087. You plat as the victim of the bite of 87, so you see foxys teeth. His metal, powerful jaw encloses your skull as his teeth are rammed up your throat, causing you to vomit up blood, leaving all your entrails on the floor as you slowly bleed to death with the last thing you ever see in your life the blood lust in Plutonium Foxy's eyes as he cackles whilst you fall into the abyss of eternal torture.

thanks for staying tune, stay tune guys.

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