Pocket FNAF is a game, which was released for the Nintendo 3DS on December 12, 2014 everywhere. The Cameras/Office can be viewed in the top screen, while the cameras, lights, and doors can be activated from the bottom screen, the latter of which only if the monitor is off. You play as either John Closets or Emmy Oscars in the office from the second game, except with doors.



  • Old Balloon Boy (Arm now endoskeleton, one of his eyes are an animatronic)
  • Old Puppet (Face destroyed)
  • Toy Chica/Toy Bonnie/Toy Freddy/Mangle (Similar state of the older animatronics for the second game)
  • Billy the Badger (His glasses now show endoskeleton eyes, his other arm and legs now destroyed too, his torso ripped up)
  • Willsyz the Deer (One of his antlers cut in half, helmet has a dent in it, tuxedo torn)
  • Golden Freddy (Has mildew stains)
  • Gamer Guy (Similar state of Old Bonnie from the second game, except he still has his hair and headphones)



Show Stage

Obviously, this room is very important. It has a similar design to the first game, except it now holds more animatronics at once. Freddy 3000, Bonnie 3000, and Chica 3000 start here.

Parts and Service

It is dark until you use your flashlight. There, you can see shelves full of parts and animatronic heads. All of the older animatronics except for Old Willsyz start here.

Party Room A

One of the four party rooms. Angelo starts here.

Party Room B

Mr. Slithers start here

Party Room C

Cookie starts here

Party Room D

Charlotte starts here

Janitor's Closet

Blobert starts here.

Knight Corner

Foxy 3000 and Old Willsyz start here


No animatronics start here

Adult's Attic

Not really an attic, more like a separate room. Leo and Virgo start here.

Prize Corner

Wind up the music box to prevent Toy Billy from killing you.


  • The death sound and Freddy's Theme is recycled from the first game.
  • If you beat the game with both night guards, you will unlock a photo of Ultimate Fun Billy on Youtube, to reference the creator. This was added on purpose to advertise their youtube account.

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