In the dark of night, my eyes glow.

To find that time will never be slowed.

Never will it stop and no one can go back in time.

To solve and stop that dark crime.

The murders that happened in this place, the people dead.

The memory of seeing red.

It haunts me to this day.

Here in a box I lay.

Having hope that someone will come and comfort me.

A friend is what I want to see.

No one's respected me since that day.

It's been so long, I should say.

While he lies there in the spring-lock bloody mess.

He is thinking about all the stress.

The evil he has done.

I'll see him again when time has come.

All my life, I wanted for children to be happy.

But it turns out that it's me who gets them sappy.

I'm the one with a melancholy face.

Who just lies in a 3 ft tall case.

I'm the one who's the person of good.

But all I am is misunderstood.

Here I am, with my plush toys on the shelf.

I want to be a puppet with marionette strings, not a little creature who makes toys called an elf!

I am not a robot, I'm a ghost.

Classified that way, he is my host.

I, having 3 nicknames, Marionette, Marionne, and Mari.

I like plush toy sharing.

But one day, a kid got a toy he didn't want.

That memory was not to fond.

He wanted Foxy, not Freddy.

I should've known I could be that silly.

I, sobbing in my box.

A friend finally comes.

His name, I do not remember.

But it happened on a cold day in December.

He gave the plush the 5 year old wanted.

I as in happiness, nodded.

He was only 10, height 5'4 in fact.

As tall as me, he had done a kind act.

We hugged together in a blanket, as cold as ever.

I holding a special place for him in my heart, we will be and always be, best friends forever.

Hey guys! I hoped you enjoyed that little poem! This story is based on a picture and story I found on DeviantART and I give credit to that person. I do not own FNaF, or The Puppet. This is only a story that was thought of during the night. So c'ya next time!

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