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Pom is an orange bunny animatronic who performs on stage for the kids with the use of an iron pole. In games, she can use her pole to do a large variety of things.


Pom is an orange bunny animatronic who has a grey iron pole with her, a pink bow on her right ear, red spots on each ear, green eyes along with a small nose and a large smile.


Pom was only just made when she was put on stage for the first time. She didn't know what to do, then she saw an iron pole behind her and picked it up. She soon practiced four weeks straight on how to use it, and it's finally paying off. Heck, she's actually rewarded to perform these days!


Pom begins on the Show Stag. She first moves to the Game Area, Main Hall, Party Room 4, in the Office hallway, before attacking. If you react fast enough and put the camera up, she will leave. If you don't, she will jumpscare you.


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