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Popputeter is Lenni's puppet.

Game appearances

  • Five Days at Freddy's
  • Five Nights at the Inventory
  • 5 Nights at the Inventory 2 and 3

Physical appearance

Five Days at Freddy's

He haves a yellow face, he haves a white bowtie and a blue hat with his name on it with white letters. He also haves 4 blue buttons on his chest. His hat haves vertical red stripes on it.

Five Nights at the Inventory

His head is covered in rips and tears, he haves the bowtie tattered up and both forearms and foot have no suit cover.

Five Nights at the Inventory 2

He is missing the right leg, but hsi body is now tattered up.

Five Nights at the Inventory 3

He haves the right hand missing and he haves no suit cover on the upper right part of the head, missing an eye.


  • Popputeter haves endoskeleton eyes when he is in cam 2 in Five Nights at the Inventory 3.

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