Pure, Please don't hate DX
A very evil virus thing that can turn into any shape it pleases, in it's "Pure" form. Though it usually prefers to find a host, eg, an animatronic. Most instances of Pure have occurred in female feline animatronics (Such as Mittens or Katt), this is believed to be because due to their agility. Though rare, cases on male animatronics have occurred.


A black liquid that can shape-shift into most thing and take over machinery, it is mostly seen a Pure Mittens though and Pure Mittens is just Mittens completely black. It can only enter a host such as Mittens by injections into the suits, or if an animatronic is knocked out it can go inside it and become the animatronic, these two procedures will have different ways of controlling the host. Injections makes them have a pure split personality that come out when ever the host has strong emotions. Yet if the host is knocked out, Pure takes full control of the body. If you would see Pure as a humanoid figure he would have no facial features and wear a black jumpsuit out of the same liquid from its skin.


He's childish, sarcastic, playful, Polite, kind and insane the perfect fit to be mittens split personality, and if ticked off he will not rest until he kills the person who did so. He is also very sad around Penelope.


Pure was suppose to be a new AI for robots but pure went insane and killed everyone their, he left the building and met Takaya, whom became his master. Pure know gets in animatronic's bodies and tells Takaya when to strike and kill a child.


If not in a host he'll disable the camera letting the other kill him, that is if he gets all the way down the hall and into your office. He can start in any room except the office, the party rooms, and the vent.



As Pure would says, "Well we're just about the greatest of pals!" Mittens and Pure are very good friends and very close.


Pure has a huge crush on Penelope, but he is usually sad around her because of her love for Colossusmynryah.


  • Pure was the second character I ever made.
  • There was a part in a roleplay when pure became a shinigami from deathnote..
  • His voice is the same as Tobi from Naruto Shippuden.

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